Why Participation is Not Worth Fighting For

by Barbara Barron | Posted September 6th, 2023 | Subscribe to this newsletter Years ago, my team and I set out to put the then-popular 80/20 rule into practice. I posed this challenge: since 80% of our support comes from 20% of our donors, should we not deploy 80% of our time, resources, energy, and love on that loyal, generous …

How Can We Set Priorities that Serve Us and Our Programs?

by Barbara Barron | Posted August 16th, 2023 | Subscribe to this newsletter A new school year. A new chance to get off on the right foot. If you’re like me, after a needed refresh over the summer, you’re ready to take it on again — but maybe with some new thinking. A new set of practices to keep us …

Should We Plan for Our Own Succession?

If the research is to be believed, and close to half of our leaders are going to leave their jobs in the near term, and virtually no organization has a succession plan for their top leaders, never mind our positions, we clearly have a ticking time bomb here.

How to Build a Great Advancement Committee

Here are some tasks you can set before this group, starting in August when you first convene. These are actions that actually help. They build connections with families. They extend the cultivation and stewardship work your team is doing.

11 Ways to Make Sure Your School’s Newest Trustee is Prepared for the Job

One of the most effective things we can do is create an excellent orientation process. I’ve done this at multiple schools, and it pays off handsomely in the near and long term. If your school doesn’t do this or doesn’t do this well (with your involvement), run – don’t walk – to advise that they start.

Selecting Good Trustees: 6 Ways to Make Sure the Newest Addition is a Good One

To get additional advice and perspectives beyond my own, I asked three seasoned and outstanding professionals I knew in our group to participate in the facilitated conversation about ways to bring intelligence and experience to these vital volunteer leader selections. All have served their current school for a decade or more. All hold that seat and understand the value in it.

Sacrificing Sacred Cows: Some Reflections on CASE-NAIS ’23

My overarching “ah-ha” was that the sometimes tough-to-make tactical goals of increasing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at our schools were made real in several sessions — with actual, honest-to-God solutions that we could take home and implement.