Creating Campaigns
So much of the work I do as an advancement consultant for independent schools is centered around creating -- or completing -- compelling campaigns.

Why would a school hire an outside consultant for a campaign?

There are myriad reasons why a school might look outside their own development team to help with a campaign. Perhaps the school's lagging Annual Fund needs a rebrand and only an outside eye can see things as they are. Maybe the school wants to create a targeted giving effort but is overwhelmed already with the work being done. Or perhaps the school is building a major capital campaign and needs the counsel of someone who has raised millions already.

Frequently, I am retained to handle the important preparation phases of a campaign including conducting a feasibility study or capacity study. This is a crucial - and often overlooked - step in the process. One that, if not done properly, can lead to an embarrassing limp past the finish line.

The projects I have been involved in are as varied as the schools with whom I have worked. But the principles are almost always the same. When I am brought in to a new school to help make sure that a campaign is successful, my first step is to make sure that the campaign is true to the school’s mission and culture.

Interested in hiring an advancement consultant to create a campaign for your independent school? Let's talk.

What schools have you created campaigns for?

We all know and trust the value of word of mouth. I’m honored to have a slate of schools who have retained me to help them create a campaign. They are happy to provide a reference for me.

Some of them might be names you recognize: