Our Work at The Wesley School

The Wesley School is an independent school in North Hollywood serving students in K through 8th grade.

We’ve just started the work at The Wesley School in October 2020, beginning with an advancement appraisal. Recommendations from that deep dive into their practices will inform the work going forward.

My contract with The Wesley School is the second time I have worked with this Head of School.


I contacted Barbara to conduct an appraisal of the Development Office and processes at my former school, and appreciated her professionalism and thoroughness so much that I engaged her a second time to perform a similar service at my current school.

Barbara's deep knowledge and experience, coupled with her positive energy and enthusiasm, inspire confidence among staff, trustees, and donors, which in turn enables her to gather accurate data and provide specific and actionable recommendations. She is sensitive to school culture and works well with Boards, many of whom desperately need her version of Development 101.

In the current absence of a Development Director, I have also asked Barbara to work with the Development Committee, the Development Associate, and me in crafting our development goals and processes this year, thereby benefiting from her assistance in implementing her recommendations. Everyone is pleased with this partnership!

Julie Galles
Interim Head of School, The Wesley School
North Hollywood CA

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