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Major Gifting with Elizabeth Carter
by Barbara Barron | 12.1.21

Barbara here. A smidge of context for this unconventional “interview style” article. Elizabeth Carter is a former colleague of mine from our time together at a school several years ago. She currently works as a major gift officer at a hospital in the Northeast. We’ve stayed in touch and she recently let me know that she had secured a $600,000 major gift. I asked if I could interview her so we might all learn tips for achieving such success for our own organizations. With a few small edits, here is the entirety of that interview. Enjoy!

Barbara: Congratulations,Elizabeth! I’m thrilled for you.

Elizabeth: Thanks! Yes, this is truly a dream donor. And it’s funny but he is actually the exception to the guiding rule that your biggest gifts always come from donors you know well. Not the case here.

Barbara: Yes, that adage is nearly always true in the independent school world we know. Why not here?


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