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Hi there. My name is Barbara Barron, and over the last twenty years I have had the incredible honor of serving over a dozen schools by leading or advising their advancement and development programs.

If you're game, I'd love to talk to you about your school.

Whether it is a lagging annual giving program that needs a shot in the arm, a looming capital campaign you can’t be certain you’re ready for, or a major gifts program that keeps you awake at night, I can help you.

Let's do better, together.


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July 1st, 2020

Whew! That was about the wildest, weirdest, and most emotionally draining three months of school ever, right? Congratulations on everything you did to get to the end of the year.

My wish for you is that you get to take a break! It's crucial that you have a chance to rest and restore before we plunge back into the work – the very real work – of finding and securing the resources our schools need to remain relevant and be part of the solution to the many significant challenges we face.

I plan to take a vacation myself. I’m going to take July to visit my children, reconnect with my grandson, and meet the newest member of our family.

On my way out, I offer some food for thought, written in the spirit of sharing good news. I hope it gives us energy as we try to figure out how the fall semester -- and next year -- may look.

How One School Reimagined Its Gala and Raised Over a Million Dollars

The other day, I spoke with a favorite client of mine about their recent virtual gala.

This is a person I deeply respect who runs a top-notch advancement program at a very well-resourced school. She wanted to share with me the ways that they "pivoted" (our new favorite word) to create an event that was "of the moment." An event that exceeded all hopes and bested their all-time highest revenue event. She wanted to share it with me so that I would share it with you. That’s the kind of generous person she is. That - in and of itself - was my good news dose for the week.

Here’s her story, paraphrased.

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Wishing you a healthy, peaceful month. More in August!

Thank you for all you’re doing. Be well.


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