Our Work at Sage Ridge School

Sage Ridge School is a 21-year-old prep school in Reno, Nevada serving students from grades 4 through 12.


"I have had the pleasure of working with Barbara Barron as our Capital Campaign consultant for the past 4 months. When Barbara joined us, we had done a tremendous amount of work but still felt miles away from completing the campaign platform and being able to launch into fundraising. Hiring Barbara gave us the confidence and clarity to move our campaign from never ending preparation into forward action. Barbara was able to very quickly assess where we were in our campaign, identify key technical documents still required, generate an appropriate time line to complete these remaining tasks, and move us to be able to achieve final approval from the board and move into raising funds.

Barbara has a quick intelligence, a reassuring demeanor, and a swift and decisive method to move the campaign into its next phase of growth. Barbara is immediately responsive, solution oriented, and able to create any required document to take you to the next level. She creates structure, can identify team roles, creates time lines with measurable outcomes, and is brilliant at training a board. She generates her own work requirements while empowering your team to own and move forward with their tasks.

Barbara’s years of experience are evident and her commitment to helping her clients succeed is exceptional. She works as if it were her own campaign, with a dedication and character that wins the respect of those on the line.

We have not completed our journey with Barbara, but I look forward to writing more about our successes and would recommend her with the highest of confidence to anyone needing any professional help at any stage in their campaign.

It has been an honor and a privilege to work with Barbara."

Erin Mulvaney 
AIM Campaign Co-Chair
Sage Ridge School Board of Trustees

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