Photo courtesy The Athenian School
Our Work at The Athenian School

The Athenian School is a 50-year-old independent school in Danville, CA serving 455 students in a day program for grades 6-12 and day/boarding program for grades 9-12.

My work with The Athenian School began in 2013. I assessed the strengths of the current development team and provided strategic advice to the Head of School. I then created a day-long team building experience for the office that focused on building pride, trust, and their shared goals of the work

Then, in 2018, I was retained to assist the director to create a strategic plan for the school’s Annual Fund focused on leadership giving, stewardship, and sustainability. It involved interviews with key stakeholders and staff, analysis of the program’s strengths and areas of potential growth, and recommendations for the implementation of best practices. 


“We retained Barbara’s consulting services for the second time at The Athenian School to create a strategic plan for growing our Annual Fund. Barbara interviewed stakeholders and staff to help uncover underlying issues and challenges. Then she brought her deep experience building leadership-based giving programs to the project.

“Working with me and our Annual Fund director, she guided us to a solid plan, rooted in best practices. Barbara strives to help everyone gain confidence and skill. She breeds trust through her responsiveness and careful listening. It was a pleasure to work with her and we’re very pleased with the outcome.”

Allie Rowe-Ladio
Former Director of Advancement, The Athenian School
Danville, CA

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