Our Work at Spring Hill Schools

Spring Hill Schools is an independent school serving students from toddler to 8th grade. It is set on three campuses in Petaluma, California.

Their visionary Head of School sought my services to conduct an advancement appraisal in the spring of 2023 so she could better understand what is working in their program, what needs refreshing, and what might require some innovation.

Photo courtesy Spring Hill School

Following the completion of the appraisal, I was retained to support the re-boot of their Annual Fund and to assist the Head by interviewing candidates for the new Director position.

Our work continues as I support the new Director during her first year.


"Barbara is an exceptional advancement consultant. She came highly recommended by many colleagues in leadership positions. Barbara conducted an advancement appraisal that has profoundly impacted our organization’s strategic plan and advancement goals. She is professional, and kind, and has a gift for connecting with all stakeholders respectfully and effectively. She demonstrates a deep understanding of our independent, non-profit school’s mission and vision and offers integrity and excellence in all that she does.

We deeply appreciated Barbara’s approach to understanding and tailoring her consultation to the specific culture and needs of our organization, ensuring that every recommendation was aligned with our long-term vision while supporting our short-term goals and objectives.

Barbara is an attentive listener and an exceptional communicator who brings a high level of integrity to all she does."

Shaharazad Hamidi
Head of School
Spring Hill Schools
Petaluma CA

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