Open for Business on Both Coasts

June 30th, 2021 by Barbara Barron

Quick life update.

A few months ago, my beloved and I purchased a second home in Northwest Connecticut. We did this to create a “home base” much closer to our five grandchildren. (And their parents, of course!)

The house is a rambling old thing but we’re having fun getting it set up. We love a project, especially if that project has us imagining many festive gatherings with our family and friends who live on both coasts. 

This important change means that I am officially now bicoastal. I am so, so excited to re-establish relationships with my professional friends in the Northeast – the place where I began my career in advancement many years ago. I hope to join you as we all re-enter the world of professional conferences and industry gatherings.

But first things first. For the month of July, I am going to play with my family, get to know our newest grandson, and finish unpacking.

After that, I’d love to discuss my increased availability with any of you east coasters – or those of you who know east coasters that I should meet. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a project that you could use some support with or know of a colleague who might benefit from some seasoned advice. I’m happy to connect with anyone you recommend.

Thank you for your friendship. I hope you get some time away to recharge and refresh in the ways that best fuel you. New articles coming in August. Stay well.

Stay well,

Barbara Barron

[email protected] // @BBAdvancement

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