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Over the years, and in my travels from school to school, I noticed that I tended to be asked the same questions about the wonderful work that we do. So I started keeping track of my answers, and eventually chose my website as a place where I might keep a repository for the answers I came up with. Welcome to the Advancement F.A.Q!

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How Can You Know if Your School is Prepared for a Capital Campaign?

"There is a very good reason that schools and other organizations only endeavor to launch a capital campaign every five to ten years. Capital campaigns are big and hard and scary. While they have the power and potential to transform an organization and its program, helping to better deliver on the promise of its mission, they are also risky. What happens if we don’t reach our goal? What can that mean to our financial stability? What will it say to our community if we fail?"

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Published 1/7/20


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